Our Story

We created The Turmerator for ourselves,our friends, our community, and for you.


We are regular people with busy lives. We don’t have time for complicated ingredients or ‘proprietary blends’ we don’t quite understand. One of our friends with inflammation and joint pain asked us about turmeric as a remedy, since it is an Indian spice. We knew it was healthful but a quick online search left us overwhelmed and confused about which product he should try. We realized we were not alone. So, we created The Turmerator.

We are committed to simplifying complicated messages, making an effective product more accessible and bringing all people an amazing product at the best value we could.

No Judgements

We believe, wholeheartedly, that people shouldn’t have to turn their lives upside down to become a bit healthier. Adding just a little goodness can go a long way. We believe in a new kind of healthy where nature and ancient ingredients combined with modern science can make it a bit easier to feel better and improve your health today while helping with your wellness tomorrow. Be who you are – embrace it. No judgement, ever!